doubleTwist 2.4 beta

doubleTwist is a music player for Windows and Mac OS X

doubleTwist is a music player for Windows and Mac OS X. The application allows you to create a playlists with songs you have on your computer and play them. The player is as basic as it gets, but really doubleTwist is a tool that has so much to offer than just playback. It is a full replacement for iTunes, if you will. It allows you to sync several different devices to your playlists.
The supported devices range from iPods and Blackberrys, to Android phones and Playstation Portable units. No matter what the device is, doubleTwist allows you to simply drag songs from your playlist to your device and the application will convert the files for you.
Graphically, doubleTwist resembles iTunes a whole lot. On the left, you have your devices and playlists, on the right, you will see the songs and the album art.
Perhaps the most interesting feature doubleTwist has to offer is the ability to purchase and preview songs from Amazon's service. If you search for music, you will get results from Amazon, and by simply clicking on files you can either purchase or preview them. Once you purchase an item, it will go straight to your playlist, ready for playback. The one thing I did not like was how long the installation took. It downloaded other applications and frameworks for about 10 minutes, and then, it had the nerve to ask me to register and activate an account before I could even see the main screen.
Version 2.4 adds support for several new devices. It also allows you to select folders anywhere on your computer to sync with your devices. The search function that v2.3 was missing is now available and works like a charm.

José Fernández
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  • You can import from YouTube
  • Automatic file conversion for several devices
  • Nice-looking interface
  • Works with Amazon's MP3 download service


  • Registration and activation are so 2000
  • Some features are not as straightforward as I'd want them to be
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